Within the past several years, through self-discipline and hard work, I’ve finally found my way out of the darkness. Today, I make a message out of my mess because I want to help others who find themselves stuck, do the same.

Mentors along the way played a major role in my success. They were there to cheer me on, provide feedback and keep me accountable to my own hopes and dreams. I now dedicate myself to helping others create a path to fulfillment and happiness. It can happen. It can be done. But, it starts with you. Let me help you find it! I offer both personal and corporate coaching and training.

speaking_event1-2 HOURS

Speaking Engagements allow me to address groups in conference or educational formats. I am able to tell my story through humor and pure raw honesty and vulnerability. My goal is to crack the surface and allow someone who maybe couldn’t see hope or didn’t believe in it before attending to understand there is a way up and out. Hope that life CAN be full and happy. Courage to explore that change starts within. Possibility to create sustainable life long change.


1-2 DAYS

Workshops/Retreats dig deeper than the 1-2 hour speaking engagement. In a workshop, you commit to a full day or two of only you. You shut the rest of life down for a short time to focus on YOU and take time out to recharge. Attend to begin exploring and understanding who you really are and what you truly want out of this precious life. Maybe it’s more happiness in your relationships or more service to your community. Or, maybe you want to find the tools to go for that next promotion at work. You will learn to meditate and how to recognize and crack open  self sabotage, take control and look at differently.

six_week_prog6 Week Online Programs

Six Week Programs allow you the space to safely practice your newly acquired tools. These programs can be either on line or in person (based on demand). During these weeks, we dedicate each week to breaking down old habits and creating new and healthy habits. We re-wire our negative patterns that are not serving us and create self accountability and pride in how making YOU #1 consistently allows you to shine your light bright in every area of your beautiful life!


Personal Coaching

Personal coaching  is where we will dig super deep and heal. I will hold you personally accountable to your hopes, goals and dreams. Our first 30 minute call is free and is used to get laser focused on you so that I listen and understand. I will serve it up real in a loving way as you explore your soul and create the life you’ve always wanted. Together, we will build a success plan and work toward accomplishing exactly what you want, in addition to things you didn’t even know you wanted! 🙂

speaking_eventOrganizational Training 

Organizational Training Organizational Training can come in many forms. Most importantly, it should be wrapped around the needs and strategy of the organization. I offer customized training for a number of topics. I firmly believe that existing and emerging leaders need to first be fierce leaders of them self, in order to inspire and lead others to results. Much of my content is based around solid self leadership principals. Through discovery, we would build a customized plan for your organization that would target specific needs, measured goals and lead to massive shifts in culture to drive results. Are you ready to get started!

Topics Include

  • Self Leadership development
  • Positive thinking
  • Crucial conversations
  • Leadership training
  • Empowering women
  • Educating teens (and other ages)

Various Formats

  • Key Note speaking
  • Session break outs
  • Small group workshops
  • Unit meetings